The present COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing lockdown situations have had a great impact on the lives of people all around the globe. Several things have changed since the pandemic including the way we communicate and even do our daily chores. In a modern and digitally active country like the UAE, the rate at which digital platforms like Zoom, social media, OTT, and more are used have increased effectively making it the new normal. Just in case you haven’t noticed, the number of people online has increased rapidly whereas we see fewer people on the roads. Here is how the digital bloomed during the pandemic.

Digital Shopping and Gaming

There once was a time when we felt more confident and comfortable with the traditional methods of shopping where we purchased products by visiting the shops but now, with most of the population stuck at home, shopping as a whole has gone digital. According to a survey conducted, about 80% of people depend on various online platforms to purchase anything from vegetables to jewelry and dress materials. In short, the use of online shopping apps has risen by 51.9%. Similarly, online gaming has also increased rapidly, mostly among teenagers from the 18-24 age group. With various games like PubG and Call Of Duty offering several exciting upgrades, the younger generation has made themselves occupied. If you are a business owner, this is the best time to hire for eCommerce website development in Dubai.

OTT – A Mainstream

Just like online shopping apps and games, most OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Starzplay Arabia, and more have seen an increase in their viewership to a minimum of 20%. Taking advantage of the opportunity offered, several e-commercial platforms have marked their space in the sector by partnering up with various OTT platforms. OTT has now become the mainstream for entertainment for most of the population. Apart from putting up new series, they are also offering a better viewer experience with HD, SD quality videos. Many a branding agency in Dubai has reported about the increase in demand for branded entertainment.

Zoom Is the New Normal

Most of the people advised staying at home due to the pandemic situation, office meetings and such gatherings have gone digital with the help of Zoom. According to a survey conducted, the rate at which zoom applications are being used for various office meetups and more has increased rapidly. Being an app used for conducting online meetings, it has also developed to become the new office for most of us. Several people even make use of this application for recreational activities such as yoga, dance classes, and many more.

Reading Is Digital

Reading your favorite books and learning has now gone much easier. When the world took a step forward to digitalization, reading and learning also went digital. Several online platforms have been introduced over the last few months that would help people read through digital mediums. According to a digital marketing agency in Dubai, even learning has gone completely digital, which was considered unconventional till the recent past.

Every misfortune or calamity both minor or major, carries several opportunities along with the distress it brings. With COVID-19, several online platforms have benefitted and the world has gone more advanced and digital. Various organizations have also digitized their businesses intending to reach out to more number of clients and customers in a much efficient and effective way. COVID, in short, has opened doors to a new era of digital development.