The COVID- 19 pandemics has greatly evolved the landscape of the businesses. Though the crisis has forced several businesses to step down, for the time being, it has also put forward an opportunity to rebuild by pitching in some innovations and creativity for some. With the distress continuing, most of the business has switched to online marketing methods like PPC ads, social media marketing, and several other means to reach out to the public and potent customers with new services and offers. Various minor and major changes in strategies have been made by most of the business platforms to survive this pandemic effectively and efficiently. Here are a few marketing strategies from our branding agency in Dubai that you could use during the quarantine mode.

Creative Ads and Social Campaigns

From hashtags and posters to logos and youtube videos, several brands are widening their reach out to the public and familiarising their brand name through creative ads and videos related to the ongoing COVID situation. Many of these out of the box captions and posters are the efficient outcome of business collaborating with creative digital agencies. A branding company in Dubai can help you create With such social campaigns and ads, a business can easily grab the interest and attention of the potential group and showcase the brand name in public, which can turn out to be a huge brand marketing and recognition booster.

Make Use of Online Marketing

The pandemic has completely changed the way we work, live, or even shop. With the lives of people going digital, online marketing has increased greatly. While several businesses were forced to shut down due to the ongoing distress, ventures online are witnessing a rush in demand. With more people staying online and using various social media platforms to communicate and collect information, various stages like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram can be utilized to its full potential by sharing ideas and communicating on the new services and programs your brand offers. You can also make use of several other online marketing strategies like PPC ads, content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and more to convert potential leads.

Promotions, Offers and Discounts

It would have been inappropriate to announce offers and deals during the break of COVID-19, but with the situation evolving several price-conscious shoppers will be looking forward to cutting down expenses by grabbing discounts, offers, and deals. Putting up discounts and promotions in the current situations would easily attract and interest new potential customers thereby increasing more website traffic hence improving your sales. eCommerce has become an irreplaceable aspect to stay relevant, so consult an eCommerce development company in Dubai to deliver an online shopping platform for you. To create a strong brand identity, you can even donate a portion of the profit percentage for a period encouraging conversion.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the best ways to increase customer engagement during this time of stress, as the increasing use of mobile phones among the younger and older generations alike SMS promises a wider reach to your target audience group when compared to OTT or online services. It is the wide and easy accessibility along with the option to forward personalized messages, that makes SMS marketing a viable option during this pandemic.

COVID-19, without doubt, is a hard time for people around the globe, yet people haven’t lost interest in purchasing materials; they are just cautious about unwanted expenses. By providing great offers and reaching out to the customers by communicating through various mediums, you can easily work your way among the crowd. With the help of a digital agency, you can even build a strong customer base that would help you survive these times of trouble.