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Mech is a leading mobile app development company in Dubai that is reputed for crafting the most innovative and creative mobile applications. We offer a wide range of customized app development services according to your business requirements. We have a skilled team of app developers that design innovative products engineered to bring maximum growth to your business. Here at Merch we strive to deliver applications without compromising on quality and deliver within the timeline.

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Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai

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Dominate the Market with Our Android and IOS App Development Services

If you have an amazing app idea to grow your business, we can give wings to it. We have a brilliant team and all the resources to turn your idea into a feature-rich and stunning application. Merch offers top-quality mobile application development services in Dubai to meet your business goals, snd we are your perfect partner to develop innovative and user-friendly Android and iOS apps. We promise to create mobile apps that can help you grow your business exponentially. Our passion is to deliver the finest apps that excel in design, quality, and performance.

An Agile Team of Best

Mobile App Developers in Dubai

We are a team of highly dedicated app developers that can provide cutting-edge mobile apps with the most modern technologies. We offer top-notch mobile app development services in Dubai to a wide variety of clients – whether you are a small, medium, or large scale business.

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Mobile App Development Services – FAQ

I have got an app idea. How do I start?2021-06-11T16:50:44+00:00

You just have to contact us! If you would prefer to call us right now, give us a ring on +971 56 695 3058, and you can share the idea with us. You can also connect us through WhatsApp and e-mail, or simply walk into our office. We are the best mobile app development company in Dubai that is ready to turn your idea into an amazing application!

Can you give me a fixed price quote?2020-11-07T16:00:32+00:00

Yes, we can. Before beginning each project, we will have a detailed discussion with you about project specifications, technologies used, functionalities, etc. Being a top app development company in Dubai, we provide you a fixed price quote before we deliver the completed project to you. You will not have to pay a penny more than the quoted price.

Can you build apps for both Android and iOS?2020-11-07T15:59:54+00:00

Yes, we build apps on both platforms. Most of the apps we make support both Android and IOS platforms. By offering top-notch mobile app development services in Dubai for years, we are aware that you want your app to work across platforms, and thus we have robust and innovative technologies to deliver top-quality hybrid applications. 

Do you build Web Applications?2020-11-07T15:58:53+00:00

Yes, we do that. In fact, almost all mobile applications we build will have a web application behind the scenes to drive it properly. If you see carefully while logging into an app, you can identify a web server in the background that serves app data, checking whether you have permission to log in or not.

How do I make sure you deliver what I want?2020-11-07T15:58:21+00:00

We don’t begin the development process without a proper idea. We start by having a meeting with you to understand all your requirements and commercial factors related to your business needs. With this information, we get to a position where we can deliver the best mobile application development in Dubai.

Will I have ownership of the source code?2020-11-07T15:57:38+00:00

Yes, of course. You will be provided the appropriate copyrights and licenses for the custom code that we create for your project. We are transparent with all matters regarding intellectual property rights, and you can review the code ownership terms anytime you want, from the time we start the project.

What if I am not happy with the results?2020-11-07T15:57:11+00:00

You may discuss the issue with our account manager, and we can assist you with reworking whatever issues you have. You can also discontinue the work at any stage you wish to. All the work done so far would be under your ownership, and you would be invoiced only up to that date. 

Are you willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement?2020-11-07T15:56:43+00:00

Yes, we are. We respect your intellectual property rights and are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement as far as it is fair to both sides, and it doesn’t overly restrict our processes. 

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