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Mughal painting is a particular style of south asian painting confined to miniatures either as book illustrations or as single works to be kept in albums (muraqqa). It emerged from persian miniature painting (itself partly of chinese origin), and developed largely in the court of the mughal empire of the 16th to 18th centuries.

The mughal emperors were muslims and they are credited with consolidating islam in south asia, and spreading muslim (and particularly persian) arts and culture as well as the faith.

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Food binds all our emotions together in ways that end up making us truly grateful for all the meals that we get to eat. Whether we are sad or happy, food makes us feel like there’s nothing we can’t overcome. Especially when we are deep in the throes of despair. Through every little morsel of sadness and plight, food is there to somehow make it all better.

Excellent Results

There is satisfaction, warmth, and comfort in food which really nothing else even compare to.

But what truly is even more precious? Indian food. Bevy of cuisines, hundreds of flavours, there is literally food for every mood and then some. Indian food at once is familiar and exotic; accessible and important.

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