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Why is Merch the go-to agency for Brand Architecture?

Brand Architecture can be referred to as your company’s blueprint structure of different brands within your organization. It’s a hierarchy, a means of establishing relationships among your brands and sub-brands. Well-structured brand architecture is an essential aspect of the success of any business. As a leading branding agency in Dubai, we understand the importance of creating a solid brand architecture for your business to stay credible in the market. The performance of your brand has a lot to do with the architecture it is built upon.

Planning the hierarchy of your organization is a matter that needs so much attention as it’s detrimental in strengthening your brand portfolio. You will need to consider brand architecture if you rebrand your business, introduce a new product line, acquire a new business, or to analyze the current state of your endorsed brands.

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Mech Interactive positions your brands according to their essence. Besides bringing order to your business, we help you set up your brand with respect to your products, team of brands, and sub-brands. We are an experienced branding company in Dubai that can boost an entire line of products relating to your master brand. Furthermore, with a well-planned strategy, we turn each of your individual brands into an outlet to endorse your primary brand.


This Mughal inspired brand identity was created from a particular style of south asian painting that developed largely in the court of the mughal empire. It portrays the deep heritage and roots of Indian Oven.

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