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Build a remarkable identity to captivate your target market

A brand name is one of the basic aspects required for your company to develop a trustworthy relationship with your customers. It is really powerful and as it decides client loyalty and retention. Developing a brand name that works requires a solid strategy based on an appropriate assessment of the values and goals of your company, along with the pattern of trends and psychological factors.

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Merch has a creative team that analyzes what is at the heart of your business before creating a powerful identity that propels your brand forward.

Being a top branding agency in Dubai, we have the expertise to blend different elements for growth and come up with a meaningful, memorable, and likable name for your company. We have a reputation for offering distinctive and unique brand naming services that have helped our clients create a space of their own in the market.

brand identity and naming

Whether you are launching a new brand or wish to rebrand your business, the first step should be creating a perfect brand identity. After creating a brand name, the next most critical element is brand design and logo. We are experts in creating a brand identity – from ideation to perfect execution, we create a brand design for you and bring it to life with world-class solutions.

We are a creative agency in Dubai that believes that a great brand identity is a prime need to help your business stand out. Thus, we create compelling brand names and identities that capture your audience’s attention.


We rebranded a 27 year old optical brand based and raised in Sharjah, making it easier for their young and new customers to identify with.

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